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The programme of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, which is abridged as NRHU, was formed in the beginning of 2014 and began to enroll PhD students later the same year. It constitutes of three main research groups:  (1) the research group of Global Energy Systems (GES), which originated in the Department of Physics and relocated to the Department of Earth Sciences in 2012, (2) the research group Ecosystem Services, Recreational Fisheries and Sustainable Seafood, which is partially located in the town of Visby at Campus Gotland, and (3) group working with sustainable remediation of contaminated coastal zones. NRHU also interacts with the Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) and the programme contributes to the Zennström Visiting Professorship in Climate Change Leadership.

The programme currently consists of five faculty members, a number of researchers and PhD students, of which some are industrial PhDs supported by industries and / or government authorities.

Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Head of programme: Professor Ian Snowball, ian.snowball@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 3657
Director of studies: Sebastian Willman, sebastian.willman@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 2742

Director for research studies: Patrik Rönnbäck, patrik.ronnback@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 8375

Financial administrator: Lena Strandberg, lena.strandberg@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 7184

Delivery address (larger goods): Fångvallsgatan 8, 752 36 UPPSALA

Visiting address: Villavägen 16, 75236 Uppsala
Postal address: Villavägen 16, 75236 Uppsala


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