Ongoing Research at NRHU

The TREASURE project

The project will develop new methods to assess the risk of dispersal of contaminant laden, cellulose rich fibre banks that exist in shallow waters along the Swedish coast and identify the areas in most urgent need of remediation.

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Ecosystem Services, Recreational Fisheries and Sustainable Seafood

The Ecosystem Services, Recreational Fisheries and Sustainable Seafood research group concentrates on the interactions between humans and ecosystems in numerous ways, with focus on coastal areas. The main interest is on sustainable seafood, management and governance of recreational fisheries, civil society’s involvement in coastal ecosystem restoration, and practical use of the ecosystem services concept.

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Global Energy Systems

Within the Global Energy Systems Group we analyze the world's energy systems from a multidisciplinary perspective. Geological research is intertwined with technical, economic and social research to describe, understand and model how energy systems change over time and how they interact with economy, environment and society. 

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FIBREM: Sanering av Sveriges Fiberbanksediment – utveckling framåt

FIBREM is a 3-year VINNOVA funded research and innovation project (2017-2019) targeting so-called `fiberbank´ sediments. These atypical and heavily polluted anthropogenic sediments occur in northern Swedish coastal waters, and stem from decades of unregulated release of waste by the paper and pulp industry. Environmental impacts from Sweden´s fiberbank sediments contravene the Environmental Quality Objectives of A Non-Toxic Environment and A Balanced Marine Environment, Flourishing Coastal Areas and Archipelagos.

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