We engage in public outreach and science outreach in various ways; our researchers and scientists frequently participate in the public debate and we engage in a multitude of research collaboration projects, both in Sweden and internationally. We also collaborate with  our surrounding community in a variety of ways, for exampel through scientific festivals and school classes visiting our department. 

Centers and Networks

Several research centers and other networks are placed under the Department of Earth Sciences. 

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Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology - Collaboration

The Faculty for Science and Technology constitutes one third of the university and consists of eleven institutions in the subjects of biology, computer science, physics, earth science, chemistry, mathematics and technology. It features a variety of advanced engineering and scientific programs as well as world-leading research. We are very pleased to share our knowledge and welcome collaborations and visits. One project that TekNat is involved in is the science festival SciFest.

TekNat Collaboration 

Last modified: 2023-08-17