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The Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University has over 250 employees and teaches more than 2200 students every year. We have three main assignments; educationresearch and collaboration with school and society.
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The Department of Earth Sciences is located in Geocentrum, a building we share with The Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU). We are situated right next to the Botanical garden. 
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Interior from the Department of Earth Sciences. Photo.

LIka villkor

Lika villkor innebär att alla anställda, studenter och sökande ska känna sig välkomna och ges lika villkor oavsett kön, sexuell läggning, könsöverskridande identitet eller uttryck, funktionshinder, etniskt ursprung, religion, annan trosuppfattning eller ålder.

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Internal environmental work

The Department of Earth Sciences aims to be at the forefront of the environmental work at the university. Protecting the environment and considering future generations form the basis of our education and research. Environment and sustainable development are taken into account in all decisions, and the department is continuously working to reduce its own impact on the environment.

Internal environmental work at the Department of Earth Sciences (på svenska)

Tree trunk in the foreground and woodland in the background. Photo.

Earth Sciences Library

The Earth Sciences Library is a library for researchers, teachers, students and others interested in the field of earth sciences and sustainable development. The library provides you with study places, group working areas and  a special computer with the following software’s installed: ArcGIS, Saga GIS, Quantum GIS. The complete edition of ArkivSök (Arken) is also available. Contact a librarian on duty to be logged in.

  • G E T - Geodata Extraction Tool. Maps and geographical data from SGU (Geological Survey of Sweden), Lantmäteriet, Swedish Transport Administration, SCB (Statistics Sweden) and Swedish Maritime Administration.
  • Research guides - Find literature within the field of earth sciences and sustainable development. Articles, books, subject databases, encyclopedias and much more.
Interior from the department library. Photo.

Finn Malmgrens pris

Finn Malmgren var en äventyrare, upptäckare, polarforskare och meteorolog vid meteorologiska institutionen i Uppsala.

Vart tredje år utdelar institutionen för geovetenskaper ett pris till hans minne för insatser som rör arktisk forskning.

Nyfiken på Finn Malmgren?
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Finn Malmgren stands on the ice by his hoarfrost measure instrument