Rent a Lecture Hall

Group study rooms less than or equal to 19 seats:

  • Internal facility fee 100 SEK/h
  • External facility fee 200 SEK/h

​Seminar rooms more than 19 but fewer than or equal to 35:

  • Internal facility fee 200 SEK/h
  • External facility fee 400 SEK/h

​Classrooms more than 35 but fewerthan or equal to 75:

  • Internal facility fee 400 SEK/h
  • External facility fee 800 SEK/h

​Lecture Halls more than 75 but fewer than or equal to 200:​

  • Internal facility fee 600 SEK/h
  • External facility fee 1200 SEK/h

Lecture Halls:

Name Seats Equipment
Hambergsalen 120 seats projector
Norrland I 40 seats projector
Norrland II 40 seats projector
Computer room Närke 10 seats projector
Konferensen 12 seats projector
Micro 12 seats OH projector
Pegeln 12 seats projector
Stora stöten 18 seats projector
Småland 54 seats projector
Båthsalen 20 seats projector
Kurslab 10 seats projector
Stuffen 20 seats projector
Geofysik konferensrum 16 seats projector
Skåne 24 seats projector
Computer room Uppland 23 seats projector
Computer room Dalarna 23 seats projector
Luftrummet 12 seats projector
Akvariet 12 seats projector

Rental of computer labs

60 SEK per seat for external lessee and 40 for internal, for each hour or part thereof. (Number of seats is determined by the chairs in the room it is not the number of visitors).


Has 140 seats. It costs 300 SEK per hour for in-house lessee and 600 SEK external lessee .
Evenings and weekends there will be an extra fee of 350 SEK per hour.


For booking, please contact: Camilla Söderlund,

Alternative address to turn to for booking:

To see which rooms are vacant visit:

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