When: December 8, 15:00  

Where: Earth Sciences Library, Geocentrum Villavägen 16 (or at your computer)

What: At this seminar, we will discuss modern media, and how it relates to science news and reporting. It has arguably never been easier to reach out with your findings, but it has also never been this difficult to navigate the media landscape! Here, we aim to help you find smart and efficient ways to reach out. How can the Division for Communication and the University Press Office help to promote your research? How do journalists work? What are they looking for, and what can we do to reach out to them?

If you want to attend this seminar, you need to register in advance on this link. If you want to attend the PhD course, please register here instead


Linda Koffmar is a press officer at the Division for Communication and External Relations at Uppsala University. She will talk about how she and her colleagues work with media contacts and give some tips and tricks on what researchers can do if they want to communicate their research via media.

Anna Davour. Since graduating with a PhD in physics, Anna Davour has embarked on a career as a science journalist. She has worked at Vetenskapsradion (the science department of the Swedish national radio), as a freelance writer, and is currently employed by the most prestigious popular science magazine in Sweden - Forskning & Framsteg. Come and listen to her advice on how to best cut through the noise! 

You can now watch the seminar on these video links. 

Linda Koffmar

Anna Davour