Celsius exhibition in the Botanical Garden

Uppsala has one of the world’s longest series of weather observations. The observations date back to 12 January 1722 and were initiated by Anders Celsius and his professor Erik Burman. Every day they went outside to record the temperature, air pressure and wind direction. Over the years many different people have contributed to the data series, and on 12 January 2022 the series will become 300 years long.

Do you want to learn more about Celsius and his work with measuring temperature, the sea level and the famous northern light, "aurora polaris"?

Welcome to The Baroque Garden!

In pictures and words the exhibition tells us about Celsius and both his and our present research around climate. You will find the exhibition in the north-east corner of the Baroque Garden, just by the gate towards Uppsala University Library.

Den 4 juni kl. 15.00 visar Sveriges främsta Celsiusexpert, Martin Ekman, utställningen som tagits fram som en del av firandet. Fri entré, varmt välkomna!

Open June-September 07:00-21:00, in October(open to 3 October) 07:00-19:00. 

Free entry.