Scifest, science festival

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  • Location: Fyrishov
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  • Organiser: Uppsala universitet och SLU
  • Contact person: Gisella Bengtsson
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Scifest is a science festival arranged by Uppsala Univerity and SLU between 21-23 September.

The first two days are open to schoolds and Saturday 23 September it is open to the public. 

Some of the school events you have to book beforehand. 
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Several researchers from the Department of Earth Science will be attending to show and explain our research: 

Earthquakes and the inside of Earth. (In Swedish.)
Kan du göra en större jordbävning än din klasskamrat? Här får du prova att göra din egen jordbävning! Du får även prova att med enkla medel hitta epicenter för en jordbävning som inträffat i Sverige och lära dig hur ett mätinstrument för jordbävningar (en seismometer) fungerar. 

A journey to the sub-surface of the earth(In English.)
Vad gömmer sig under våra fötter? Hjälp oss ta reda på vad som finns dolt under markytan.

During this workshop you will participate in an interactive presentation, where you will learn what is inside our earth and under our feet and how this is studied. You will help us overcome unexpected everyday challenges that interfere with our plans to discover more about the subsurface. Hopefully, with your help, we will be able to complete our task and see what was hidden under the surface.

Singing in the rain, praying for the sun: understanding and managing current and future extreme weather events(In English.)
Få en djupare förståelse för globala klimatutmaningar som extremväder och översvämningar genom experiment och spel!

Enter the captivating world of climate science and disaster science! Through hands-on activities we will look at how extreme weather events, like heatwaves and droughts, are affected by the changing climate. You will also discover how dry soil conditions relate to floods, and how this affects our lives and surroundings.

Time: 2023-09-21 09:00 - 2023-09-23 16:00
Place: Fyrishov, Uppsala
Organizer: Uppsala universitet och SLU