About the Zennström Climate Change Leadership Initiative

Zennström Climate Change Leadership probes the existential questions surrounding climate change, including the demands for rapid societal transformation to mitigate climate change and the potential adaptive measures needed to live with a changing climate. The field is broad and dynamic, responding to the needs of an increasingly complex and globalised world from the point of the individual, and how one might learn to live with uncertain futures, to the global, where structures of justice and equity in politics and economics might need to be reorganised in response to changing climates.

Zennström Climate Change Leadership is characterised by a series of visiting professorships co-funded by generous donations from Zennström Philanthropies, founded by Niklas Zennström, Uppsala University alumnus, and his wife Katherine Zennström. Over the past five years, Zennström Climate Change Leadership has given space to three visiting professors, Doreen Stabinsky, Kevin Anderson and Keri Facer, who have respectively brought to Uppsala University questions of climate justice and student participation in international negotiations, equitable mitigation through carbon budgets, and universities and learning in the era of a changing climate. The professors are highly engaged with the public, inviting diverse stakeholders and partners to participate in the exploration of how to respond to climate change. The fourth professor of Climate Change Leadership will begin with us early 2021.

We work with academics and students, publics and civil society, and public and private partners to develop provocative activities that unveil and exemplify equitable transitions to low carbon living. Over the past five years these activities have included supporting student activism and student delegations to international climate change negotiations, calculating ambitious rates of mitigation in regions and municipalities that challenge unsustainable industries and development practises, and questioning the very assumptions underpinning the university, from the carbon footprint of the institution and flying academics to reinvigorating the purpose of the curriculum in times of uncertain futures.

Housed at NRHU in Geocentrum, the Department of Earth Sciences, Zennström Climate Change Leadership is a transdisciplinary environment that acts as a point of connection for the entire university. We advertise our activities and publish all of our findings on our blog. If you are a prospective student, you can find interesting courses about climate change and sustainability at Geocentrum and CEMUS

Last modified: 2022-08-10