Net-based courses in Wind Power and Sustainable Development

We offer a variety of freestanding net-based courses focusing on wind power planning and development. Most of the courses are offered in both English and Swedish but a few are only offered in English. These courses can be taken separately or combined to create the main field of study (90 credits) of a bachelor's degree within the subject of Wind Power Project Management. Most courses are 7.5 credits, which is the equivalent of ten weeks of half-time studies. The 15 credit thesis course is equivalent to ten weeks of full-time studies. The teaching staff for these courses is based at Campus Gotland.

These courses are intended for students who want to work with planning and development of wind power within governmental agencies or industry, nationally and internationally. It covers a wide range of disciplines such as engineering, planning, environment, energy, wind resources, economy and power grids. Among other things, a student will learn how to calculate the wind turbine energy production at a site as well as answer questions about wind power’s role in society.

Distance education allows for full-time students as well as for those who are working or are otherwise unable to attend on-campus courses to both learn new skills and gain knowledge.

To be awarded a bachelor's degree a total of 180 credits are needed. The main study field of the degree is comprised of a minimum of 90 credits of which at least 30 credits must be on the G1F-level and 30 credits on the G2-level, including a 15 credit thesis. The remaining 90 credits of the degree can be in other subject areas including a minor of 30 credits.

We also offer a course in Hållbar utveckling, 7,5 hp!


First cycle - Continuing Courses

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