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Student Services at Geocentrum

Study Counsellor
Earth Science
Linda Lagebro
018-471 25 07

Study Counsellor
Sustainable Development
Amanda Johnson
018-471 71 54

Coordinator for Exchange Studies

Erik Rosenberg (Leave of absence) 018-471 23 22

Course Administrator
Bachelor's Programme in Earth Sciences
Lars Andersson
018-471 37 89

Course Administrator
Master's Programmes and courses at CSD/Cemus
Jenny Thor
018-471 25 12

Course Administrator
Master's Programme in Environmental and Water Engineering
Insurance for students

Liza Sjöqvist
018-471 22 55

Computer technician
Responsible for computer rooms
Maria Deutgen
018-471 27 52

Student Services at Campus Gotland and Ångström

Study Counsellor, Campus Gotland
Maria Ljungqvist
018-471 82 45

Course Administrator, Campus Gotland
Ylva Anderberg
0498-10 82 41

Study Counsellor, Ångström
Environmental and Water Engineering
Melinda Alfredéen
018-471 63 34

Study Counsellor, Ångström
Rabab Elkarib
018-471 32 45

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