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Student Services at Geocentrum

Linda Lagebro. Portrait.Study Counsellor
Earth Science
Linda Lagebro (Leave of absence)

Study Counsellor 
Earth Science
Coordinator for Exchange Studies

Lena Eliasson 018-471 25 07

Amanda Johnson. Portrait.Study Counsellor
Sustainable Development
Amanda Johnson (Leave of absence)
018-471 71 54

Erik Rosenberg. Portrait.Coordinator for Exchange Studies
Erik Rosenberg (Leave of absence)

Course Administrator
Bachelor's Programme in Earth Sciences
Master's Programme in Earth Sciences and Water Engineering
Freestanding courses (
except CSD/Cemus courses)
Lars Andersson
                             018-471 37 89
Jenny profilfotoCourse Administrator     
Master's Programmes and courses at CSD/Cemus                                
Jenny Thor                                                            
018-471 25 12

Study Counsellor
Sustainable Development
018-471 71 54

                             Course Administrator
Liza Sjöqvist. Portrait.Master's Programme in Environmental and Water Engineering
Insurance for students

Liza Sjöqvist
018-471 22 55

Computer technician
Responsible for computer rooms
Ayman Abdeen
018-471 68 14

Student Services at Campus Gotland and Ångström

Study Counsellor, Campus Gotland
Maria Ljungqvist
018-471 82 45

Course Administrator, Campus Gotland
Ylva Anderberg
0498-10 82 41

Study Counsellor, Ångström
Environmental and Water Engineering
Melinda Alfredéen
018-471 63 34

Study Counsellor, Ångström
Rabab Elkarib
018-471 32 45

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Last modified: 2021-03-11