PhD studies

The Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University is a leading research and education department, attracting researchers and students from around the world.

Research at the department focuses on a broad spectrum of the earth sciences ranging from upper atmosphere processes to the physics of the Earth's core, including, among others, meteorology, hydrology, environmental studies, glaciology, sedimentology, palaeobiology tectonics, geochemistry, volcanology, mineral physics, solid-earth geophysics and natural resources.

The thematic structure of the department's research organization facilitates a multidisciplinary approach to current scientific questions. Research projects range from applied science with direct ties to current societal questions about hazard, the environment, energy and resource exploration, to basic research on earth processes and planetary evolution and are often a part of international collaborative projects.

Open PhD positions

The Department of Earth Sciences offers PhD education within these research subjects and specializations:

Note that all curriculums are not available in English. 
Earth Science with specialization in:


Here you can find more information about Doctoral Studies in the Discipinary Domain of Science and Technology at Uppsala University.

The eligibility requirements for postgraduate education are as follows:

  • Basic eligibility, i.e. a degree at advanced level and a basic education with a minimum of 240 higher education credits of which at least 60 are at advanced level or the equivalent. 
  • Special eligibility i.e. knowledge gained from university education or equivalent or specific vocational experience. 
  • The applicant must be judged to have the ability needed to complete the research.


Last modified: 2024-01-29