If you are interested in creating a more sustainable future, technology and project management, WPPM is the perfect programme for you!

Name: David Werner

From: Los Angeles, CA (USA)

What do you do for a living: Mechanical Loads Analysis Expert - GE Renewable Energy

Why did you choose to study Wind Power Project Management? 
I chose to study WPPM because I wanted to learn the in’s and out’s of the Wind Power industry from a part of the world that was renown in its track record of successfully pursuing wind power projects. After studying civil engineering and environmental policy analysis in my undergrad, I knew that I wanted to put my skills to use within the Renewable Energy sector. Wind Power seemed, and still seems, to be a very young industry that would allow me to grow and thrive with it.

Was it easy or difficult to get a job?
Given the connections that I was able to make during the WPPM programme, it was fairly easy to get a job once I graduated. The advise that I can give to all incoming students is to use your time in the programme to network within the industry and ask questions. You never know when asking a simple question or two at a conference will land you a job, post-graduation; it worked that way for me!

Tell us about your job. Is it fun? What are you doing?
I am currently a Turbine Suitability Engineer with GE Renewable Energy. I am analyzing mechanical loads throughout the entire wind turbine system to determine whether or not turbines will be safe and suitable for a Customer’s proposed wind farm, as well as conducting Root Cause Analyses for felled turbines. I find this to be incredibly fun and nourishing, as I am constantly learning more about the systemic nature of wind turbines and the entire Wind Power supply chain (from preconstruction, to commercial dealings, to commissioning of a project).

Can you tell us what benefit you have from the education in Wind Power Project Management?
The WPPM programme benefited me mostly by giving me a full picture of the inner workings of the Wind Power industry. The coursework in the programme was very diverse and opened my eyes to most, if not all, aspects of the industry. This prepared me to understand how my preconstruction position affects those up- and downstream of me, as a living, changing system.

Why do you think one should study Wind Power Project Management?
If you are interested in creating a more sustainable future, technology and project management, WPPM is the perfect programme for you! The programme allows for a full-breadth view of the Wind power industry and will open your eyes to several underlying aspects of the industry as a whole. Although the programme has a focal point in Wind Power, the tenants of the coursework can be applied to all types of project-oriented workspaces, allowing for a great deal of flexibility throughout your career.

Best tip for those who are considering studying?
Network and keep an open mind. Allow yourself to take a look at the entire Wind Power Industry’s system and see what you want to be working on, how you’ll be effecting and effected by the positions that are down- and upstream from your position. Remember, thinking about the Industry as a living, breathing system will allow you to gain a much deeper understanding of everything that the Industry has to offer.