My current job in the energy industry offers the opportunity to work in a fast-changing environment

Name: Veaceslav Crasilscic
From: originally from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Programme: Master's Programme in Wind Power Project Management
Graduation year: 2016

What have you been doing since your graduation from the Master’s Programme in Wind Power Project Management?
"After graduation, I have started an internship with the wind turbine manufacturer - Goldwind Science & Technology in Beijing, China. While being part of the International Business Support Department, I have used fresh acquired knowledge at WPPM (Wind Power Project Management) Master’s classes and previous work experience in order to support department projects move further in expanding Goldwind international market share. After completing the internship, I relocated back to Europe and joined the world leader in cable systems industry - Prysmian Group in the regional commercial department."

Where do you work today and what main tasks do you have? 
"It is during WPPM studies where I learnt first about the technologies and solutions offered by my current employer, Prysmian Group, for the renewable energy industry with its range of cables and systems for power transmission and distribution. I was hired as part of the talent program SELL IT, also due to my background in business development. My tasks mainly involve consulting and providing the most suitable products, solutions and technical offers for conventional and renewable energy projects (mostly wind and solar) in Central Eastern Europe."

Why did you choose to study the Master’s Programme in Wind Power Project Management?
"I decided to pursue renewable energy studies in order to learn how to maximise the potential of clean energy sources and promote sustainable development. The decision to go with with the WPPM Master’s programme was fostered by the fast growing investments in renewables in the South-Eastern Europe, the region I am coming from. Not the least important is the fact that WPPM program promised to focus both on technical and business subjects, partly through field work on Gotland, island with an already successfully established wind farm infrastructure."

What kind of experiences and lessons do you bring with you from your education?
"The studies at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland came with a wide mix of theoretical and practical activities which helped in understanding better the concepts taught in class. Numerous field trips at Gotland main energy generation and distribution sites and guest lectures from local specialists and alumni created a clearer insight on the renewable energy industry. Apart from external sources, I learned a lot from my colleagues of different academic backgrounds as we, more or less, complemented each other in group tasks. Except studies of wind energy industry, the knowledge gained at Uppsala University during WPPM Master’s programme prepared me for work in a wide range of activities as I learned about commercial activities, business strategies and policy frameworks in the energy industry worldwide."

What do you enjoy the most about your current job? Do you have any future hopes and dreams regarding your work situation?
"My current job in the energy industry offers the opportunity to work in a fast-changing environment, with permanent innovation of business models and technologies that deliver electrical energy. In a way, our contribution to important regional projects offers a state of personal fulfilment, as one understands that access to energy improves quality of life and has a positive impact on society. I hope that the positive trend of investing in power grid upgrades, onshore and offshore renewable energy projects upgrades will continue to grow and create more opportunities to succeed in the industrial environment and offer upgraded technologies for power distribution."

Do you have any recommendations or tips for those who think about applying to the programme and to those who soon graduate from the program?
"WPPM Master’s programme has a wide alumni network, do not hesitate to get in contact with former students via email or social media for inquiries or recommendations. Also, my advice to the students who will soon graduate from the program is  remain constantly curious and look way in advance for opportunites like internships, research work or jobs. While those who are thinking about applying to the programme, I’d like to assure that the professors and Uppsala University staff will create the proper environment for learning and research, while providing advice and connections for building a right career path after graduation."