I always marvel at the beauty of the mechanism

Name: Xiaoyang Yu

From: China

Studying: Master of Wind Power Project Management

Why did you choose this education?
Before I study here, I was an underground band’s heavy metal guitarist. Scandinavian melody death metal originated in Gothenburg, Sweden. So, this is one reason why I come to Sweden. My bachelor’s degree was in industrial engineering. Choosing to study wind power mainly because the enormous wind turbine is super impressive. I always marvel at the beauty of the mechanism. Also I strongly believe our future is going to be non-fossil fuel living. I decide to do my little effort to achieve this goal.

Does the education meet your expectations?
Sure, our courses contain the whole life cycle of a wind project, start from planning to execution. You can work in a wind project directly after graduation. This programme is practical and useful for the future career, also has an opportunity to keep study for Ph.D.

What has been the most fun and interesting thing about the education so far?
Studying WindPro, a powerful software to analyze wind resources, manages the wind turbine’s position and identifies the negative effect. While I am practicing WindPro, I feel like my knowledge came to real. You can manage your own wind farm like a simulator game.

How was the first time, how did you get to know new people?
It was the first day of school. We gathered in the canteen of our campus. I saw a homie wearing a metal band t-shirt. So I went there and said: ‘Hey man, your slipknot t-shirt is super cool. I am a metal fan as well.” That’s how a friendship starts.

What has been most challenging?
Sweden’s winter. I could write a page about this challenge, but I guess you all have already known about it.

How is the cohesion within your program?
We just have five second-year students. Before the pandemic, we had many lovely Fika, rushed to Mel’s burger after morning’s class and had a chilling BBQ party in summer. Sadly now we can not do that again, but we are always chatting in our Whatsapp group.

What are the international opportunities for your program?
We had opportunities to exchange to another country’s university for one semester. But nobody has chosen to exchange so far. Also, we have guest lecturers from worldwide.

What is the best thing about studying at Uppsala University?
It’s hard to find the best because everything is fantastic. But I have to say the coffee in our canteen is fabulous, especially before the morning’s class.

What is your goal with the education?
My life credo is "Every little effort for a better world makes a difference." My goal is to make my little effort to promote clean energy, make the world cleaner.

Three quick questions
Favorite place in your student city?

Best student tradition at Uppsala University?
No idea…

What do you hope to do in 5 years?
Working in a renewable energy company or playing in an underground metal band.