New Students

If you cannot register yourself

In a few cases, you cannot register yourself; you have been conditionally admitted, or you have been admitted lately, or you have applied for a course that has for different reasons been excepted from the normal way to register.

  • Admitted with conditions
    If you are conditionally admitted, you need to contact the study counsellor (if programme) or course director (if course) as soon as possible. Contact information to the study counsellors can be found here, and the course directors can be found on the course page in Studium.
  • Late applications
    If you have applied so late that the deadline for registration has passed, you cannot register yourself. You need to contact the course administration as soon as possible, in order to keep your spot and be registered for the course. Here you will find contact information for the course administration.
  • If you have applied for one of these courses:
    For most of the Degree Projects, Project Works etc., you can apply and be admitted, but will not be registered before you have a project plan accepted by the department.

Last modified: 2022-04-05