Vacation information

Hi! Hopefully you’re having a nice summer. The department´s Student Service has limited service, from 22 June until 9 August 2020.

swedish summer red cottages and green grass

For urgent matters you can reach us by e-mailing e-mailaddress will be read once a week and urgent questions will be answered. BUT, before you e-mail us, please find much valuable information here:

  • At you find information regarding your courses and programmes, such as: registration, schedule, responsible teacher, conditional admission, waiting lists etc.
  • Don’t forget to ACCEPT the place you’ve been offered – no later than 24 July. If you forget to accept you have to reapply as a late applicant, see below.
  • If you HAVEN’T made an application but are interested in studying here you can make a late application from 15 July.
  • Information for students at UU about Coronavirus

Unfortunately we’re not able to answer questions regarding possibilities to get admitted when making a late application. If you’ll be offered a place you’ll be contacted at the start of the semester.

Make sure you keep track of the important dates regarding your application.

Is it your first time coming to Geocentrum this autumn? The last weeks of August are filled with events for new-comers as you.

All throughout the summer Central Student Service at Uppsala University is available
and Student Service at Ångström.

For staff. For urgent matters you can also reach us at our summer e-mail address:

Have a nice summer!

Student Service at Geocentrum