Storage and flow of water in soil

Lecture and demonstration of education material

Allan Rodhe
Department of Earth Sciences
Uppsala University

  • Markvatten och grundvatten, vattnets tryck (5:46)

  • Jordars porositet

  • Water retention in soils

  • Field capacity and wilting point

  • The velocity of water

  • Macropores

  • A coarse layer diverts unsaturated flow

  • Storage coefficient

  • Hydraulic conductivity

  • Groundwater flow lines, Tracer test

  • Streamflow generation

  • Lecture

Questions to be used in connection with the films are under development. We are happy to get your comments on the films and suggestions on how to use them in teaching. Please e-mail to and

For description of equipment and demonstrations, see Rodhe, A.: Physical models for classroom teaching in hydrology, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 16, 3075-3082, doi:10.5194/hess-16-3075-2012, 2012

The films were produced within the project “Vattenpaketet” (PI Jan Seibert) supported by FORMAS (project no. 2007-1543). Made by Filmfilm 2014, The films can be used freely for teaching and information.

Photo sand martins in film no 6 and 12: Ivan Kruys.