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Miljö, natur och samhälle

The Environment, Nature and Society research section concentrates on interactions between humans and nature. We apply interdisciplinary approaches and a wide variety of natural and social science research methods. These approaches involve social-ecological systems, natural resource management, governance, and sustainability analysis. We also work with environmental policies and Sustainable Development Goals, practical application of the ecosystem services concept, biodiversity conservation and restoration, nature and fishing tourism development, and environmental conflicts. Our work is conducted in collaboration with stakeholders at different governance levels, from local communities and organisations to governmental authorities. Our main focal systems include coastal habitats, pollution, fisheries and aquaculture systems.

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Globala energisystem

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Inom forskargruppen Globala Energisystem analyserar vi världens energisystem utifrån ett tvärvetenskapligt perspektiv. Geovetenskaplig forskning vävs ihop med teknisk, ekonomisk och samhällelig forskning för att kunna beskriva, förstå och modellera hur energisystem förändras över tid och hur de växelverkar med ekonomi, miljö och samhälle.

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