Resilient food supply in Eastern Mid-Swedish municipalities -policy, planning and practice with a focus on food preparedness and preservation of agricultural land in a local and regional perspective

Project LeaderMadeleine Granvik.

Project within research area: Food System Planning

Time period: 2023-2025

This research project is one of two transdisciplinary projects that received FORMAS funding (6 million SEK). The project is a part of the research area food system planning which is an emerging field engaging policy, planners, planning organizations, civic leaders, stakeholders in the food chain as well as academic scholars worldwide, working for developing sustainable and resilient food systems.


This project contributes to research on food preparedness and preservation of agricultural land, focusing on the regional and municipal planning, policy and practice. The study aims to identify obstacles, possibilities and goal conflicts and to explore innovative initiatives and possible ways to strengthen the cooperation within and between municipalities in developing resilient local food systems.

Municipalities have, due to their many responsibilities and remits, a central role regarding food preparedness and preservation of agricultural land. How municipalities should act in crises and war is regulated in the Law (2006:544) on municipal measures before and during extraordinary events in peacetime as well during heightened alert. Swedish municipalities have planning monopoly for the land which includes agricultural land. According to the Environment Act, agriculture is of national interest and municipalities ought to adhere to the law regulating agricultural land (MB 3:4).

A regional survey on municipal strategies, planning tools and work to preserve agricultural land and increase local food preparedness will be conducted in the Eastern Mid-Sweden. The survey will then be followed up by case studies in three selected municipalities. Knowledge will be co-produced with key local and regional actors to strenghten the municipal capacity to promote local and regional food preparedness. Through a transdisciplinary approach, the project will take on real problems and support the transition towards food systems that are resilient to crises and war.

Project leader

Assoc. Prof. Madeleine Granvik, Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences – Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, project coordinator and main supervisor of PhD student.

PhD student

Ongoing recruitment, Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences – Natural Resources and Sustainable Development.

Swedish partners

Assoc. Prof. Rebecka Milestad, Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, co-supervisor of PhD student.

PhD student and analyst Erika Öhlund, The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).

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