Welcome to the licentiate seminar: Wakes behind wind farms

Ola Eriksson will defend his licentiate thesis  'Numerical computations of wakes behind wind farms', at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, in Visby, Wed  16th of Sept 2015, 10:15 AM in Room E22. Opponent is Niels Troldborg, DTU Wind Energy.

The thesis contains studies of wakes behind wind farms. When wind farms are built close to each other the wake behind one wind farm will impact the wind and consequently the production for surrounding wind farms. In the thesis the use of numerical computations for studies of these wakes is analysed.

The summary of the licentiate thesis will soon be available at DIVA: www.diva-portal.org
A printed version if the thesis (including the papers in full text) will be available at the seminar (or can be sent upon request).