Surtsey 50 years - a half day popular symposium on volcanology


A half day popular symposium on volcanology, to celebrate the 50th birthday of the island of Surtsey.

Thursday 14th November 2013, 9.00 – 12.00 am

Geocentrum, Hambergsalen

Photo credit: Karin Eriksson

On November 14th, 1963 an island was born! A powerful submarine eruption south of Iceland gave rise to this new land, in a magnificent display of geological forces that continued for three and a half years.

The new island was named Surtsey, after Surtr the fire giant in Norse mythology. This year Surtsey celebrates its 50th anniversary. 

The Department of Earth Sciences, Solid Earth Geology, with Professor Valentin Troll, in collaboration with the Museum of Evolution, invites everyone to a half day popular symposium on volcanology to celebrate this event. We are pleased to introduce Docent Karin Eriksson who has followed the rise and development of Surtsey since its beginning. Do not miss this opportunity!


The temporary exhibit ‘Out of a fiery sea’ showing photos from Surtseys violent birth until today, will be shown at the Museum of Evolution during November and December. For more information, please see the Museum of Evolution home page.

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