11 million granted by the Swedish Research Council for research at Geo


The Swedish Research Council allocates 11 million SEK to research projects at the Department of Earth Sciences.

The following projects have been granted:

  • Veijo Pohjola, 3,6 mkr, Improving predictions of fresh water loss from Arctic glaciers by optimizing melt water refreezing schemes in firn

  • Peter Lazor, 729 000 kr, Functional phosphate glass-ceramics for hydrogen production and environmental carbon dioxide mitigation

  • Mikael Höök, 3,5 mkr, Global oljeförsörjning: modellering av konventionell och okonventionell oljeproduktion med bottom-up modeller som integrerar fysiska och ekonomiska parametrar

  • Ian Snowball, 3,2 mkr, Geomagnetic signals in arctic ocean sediments: cracking a quaternary conundrum

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