Mineralogical Society's best paper award to Ester M. Jolis


The first Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland best paper award in honour of Prof. R.A. Howie has been presented on November 2014 to Dr. Ester M. Jolis for her article on ‘Experimental simulation of magma-carbonate interaction beneath Mt. Vesuvius, Italy’ in Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology (v.166, p. 1335-1353).

The award recognises the lead author of the ‘best mineralogical paper’ in 2013 on the basis of ‘novelty, inter-disciplinarity, applicability and advancement of science by the new work’. The Dr. Jolis’s article represents an important contribution to the fields of mineralogy and petrology as it employs a new and technically challenging combination of experimental petrology and in-situ isotope extraction to characterise short time-scale process (seconds to minutes) of crustal carbonate assimilation in the Vesuvius magma system. The data are used to explain Vesuvius’s often explosive behaviour and shed light on the isotope systematics of the Vesuvius volcanic system.

Dr. Ester M. Jolis is currently employed as a researcher at the Centre for Experimental Mineralogy, Petrology & Geochemistry (CEMPEG) at the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University through Vetenskapsrådet specialising experimental petrology and geochemistry.

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