The sun creates renewable energy at Geocentrum


The Department of Earth Sciences has for a long time had the ambition to install solar panels and produce their own renewable electricity. Today there are 158 high performing solar panels placed upon the roof of Geocentrum, with the purpose of producing green electricity for years to come.

At the moment there are 158 A rated solar panels, which mean that the panels have the highest energy efficiency possible. The most efficient solar cells on the market today are silicon solar cells and these were therefore chosen to be installed at Geocentrum. The solar panels are expected to produce 36 MWh per year, which corresponds to 9 % of the departments total power consumption. With this production rate the investment will pay off in 18.5 years, a time substantially shorter than the solar panels life expectancy of 30 - 50 years. 

Solar panels at Geocentrum

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Last modified: 2023-04-24