Katrin Lindbäck explores the moraine area in eastern Antarctica


Katrin Lindbäck, a researcer in glaciology and a former PhD-student at the department of Earth sciences is exploring the moraines of eastern Antarctica.  

Katrin Lindbäck, a researcher in glaciology and former graduate student at the Department of Earth Sciences, is currently in Antarctica. From mid-November and three months ahead, she will spend her days in the Mount Achernar moraine area in eastern Antarctica mapping the thickness of the moraine ridges and the underlying ice, to better understand how vulnerable the Antarctic may be for future global warming.

Katrin Lindbäck's office is nothing like yours or mine. It is probably a bit colder, a little more unpredictable and a whole lot more breathtaking. As a researcher in glaciology you may be used to extreme environments - both Svalbard and Greenland is familiar places for Katrin - but the question is whether or not you will ever become immune to all the beauty, and all that magnificent whiteness.

To the left: Memorial for those who died during expeditions here. To the right: Katrin on a visit to the New Zealand base camp, Scott Base. Photo: Katrin Lindbäck.

As a PhD-student at the Department of Earth Sciences Katrin spent her days in Greenland, developing a high-resolution map of the ground below the Greenland ice sheet. It will be of great importance for future possibilities to predict how the Greenland ice sheet melts and moves, and that in turn has an impact on rising sea levels as a result of climate change. 

Now Katrin has steered her course in a completely different direction, though bringing with her similar questions. You can read more about the project, Katrins excursion and the exciting research (in swedish) on her blog iluliaq.se. You can also follow Katrin on Twitter, under the name @polarkatten.

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