Ian Snowball and the TREASURE-project in "Havsutsikt"


Once again, the pollutants in eagle eggs are increasing. But where do they come from ? Some researchers believe the answer may lie burried in the old fibre banks along the Baltic coast. Photo: Bohuš Číčel CC- SA 3.0 

The TREASURE project, a big transdisciplinary project coordinated from the program Natural resources and sustainable development at the department of Earth sciences, Uppsala university, is highlighted in the latest issue of the magazine Havsutsikt. 

TREASURE work with developing new methods to assess the risk of dispersal of contaminant laden, cellulose rich fibre banks that exist in shallow waters along the Swedish coast, and identify the areas in most urgent need of remediation. Extremely high concentrations of organic pollutants and heavy metals exist in these industrially formed banks, and may be the source of pollutants in both fish and eagle eggs. 

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Last modified: 2023-04-24