Graham Budd receives the "President´s medal"


Palaeontologist Graham Budd with a Cambrian trace fossil in Husaby, Västergötland, Sweden. Photo: Wenkbrauwalbatros 
CC BY-SA 3.0

The prestigious award The Palaeontological Associations "President´s medal" have been presented to Professor Graham Budd, at the department of Earth Sciences.

The Palaeontological Association writes on their web site: 

The President’s Medal is a mid-career award to a palaeontologist in recognition of outstanding contributions in their earlier career, coupled with an expectation that they will continue to contribute significantly to the subject in their future work. Our 2015 winner is an international leader in arthropod palaeobiology, the Cambrian Explosion and evolutionary theory. He is one of the few palaeontologists to have mastered the field of developmental and evolutionary biology and the intricacies of Grieg’s piano concerto in A minor! Our winner’s research continues on a decidedly upward trajectory. He is one of palaeontology’s most accomplished and capable practitioners.

Congratulations Graham!

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