New head of department


Photo: Börje Dahrén

This summer, we got a new head of the department. Read this short interview with professor Christopher Juhlin below! 

You assumed the position as head of department on the 1 July. How has it been so far? 

It has been an intense period with loads of new processes and routines that I have learn how to deal with. I have already begun to see the department in a new light.

You are a professor in geophysics at the department. Can you tell me about your research?

We strive to image structures in the bedrock by means of geophysical measurements from the surface and boreholes. Together with other geological data we can achieve a better understanding about these structures and the processes that shape our environment. For example, we trace fault zones that sometimes extend for kilometers through the crust, we image the nappes that make up the subsurface of the scandinavian caledonies. We are also looking at Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) in salt water aquifers and many other geological formations.    

How do you hope to contribute as head of department?

I hope to keep up the work initiated by the previous head of department regarding increased cooperation and communication between the different programmes at the department. Better cooperation will give us a stronger department that is more competitive within the university, and relative our competition elsewhere. I would like to ensure that the application processes for external grants runs smoother, and help our researchers find appropriate funding agencies. We should remain open to new ideas and opportunities in research, teaching and outreach activities. 

Which is the greatest challenge for the department right now? 

I think that our greatest challenge right now is to increase our external funding. I'd like to see everyone pulling together to make this happen!

What is the best thing about being the head of department?

So far, I have really enjoyed getting a more comprehensive view of the inner workings of the economic systems of the university and the department. I'm also looking forward to representing the department in various functions inside and outside the university. I am definately proud to be part of this great department! 

/Börje Dahrén

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