Say hi to the new mineral - gadolinit-(Nd)


A close-up image of the all new mineral gadolinit-(Nd) 

Erik Jonsson, adjunct professor at Uppsala University and geologist at the Geological Survey, has just described a new mineral, together with a team of researchers from Sweden and Czechia. The new mineral is named gadolinit-(Nd) and is particularly rich in Rare Earth Elements (REE's), which are in high demand in modern applications such as solar cells, batteries and other high tech products.

The new mineral was discovered in Bergslagen, central Sweden, close to Norberg. Gadolinit-(Nd) could potentially be mined together with other similar minerals for REE's, and it contains particularly high amounts of Neodymium, which essential in modern industry. 

The demand for REE's has skyrocketed in the last decade, and they are often essential in new green technologies. and Neodymium is one of the most important of the REE's. 

Read more about the new mineral over at the Geological Survey of Sweden 

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