New book on the geology of Alnö.


The Alnö Carbonatite Complex, Central Sweden.

A geoguide from Springer.

Written by Peter Kresten and Valentin Troll.

Peter Kresten is a visiting professor at Upsala University. He is also a retired state geologist from SGU and lives in his native Austria.

Valentin Troll is Professor at Department of Earth Sciences UU, Mineralogy Petrology and Tectonics.

Professor Kresten started study Alnö in 1977. The authors got in contact a few years ago when professor Troll started to work on Alnö.

The book is aimed at geologists and petrologists and students of these subjects. There is a glossary and some basic material in the book to help the reader on its way. But to fully comprehend all details however, a bit of rock knowledge is advantageous.

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