Petroleum Experts generously supports Uppsala University in their research and teaching by donating 10 academic licenses and the HARDLOCK licensing manager


Petroleum Experts, a British engineering company, has donated ten licenses of the Move software suite including Petex’s Network Licensing Manager (HARDLOCK) worth equivalent of £1,525,561.89 to the Department of Earth sciences at Uppsala University. The Move software suite is used to visualise and analyse three-dimensional geological data and applied in both research and teaching activities.

"In our research, we use Move to produce three-dimensional reconstructions of magma chambers. Three-dimensional structural modelling is a cutting edge method that helps us to understand what happens within volcanoes."

Says Steffi Burchardt, docent and Associate Professor in structural geology at the Department of Earth sciences. The Move software is also used in teaching in the Geoscience Masters programme to prepare students for work in the industry and in academia.

"Companies use 3D modelling a lot to visualise and interpret their data. Our students like to learn techniques that are relevant for potential employers. Moreover, the possibilities with 3D models help them learn and understand complex geological structures. We are grateful to Petroleum Experts Ltd (Petex) for the donation of the Software and the HARDLOCK Licensing Manager. Softwares, like the one from Petroleum Experts help to keep a high standard in education and prepare students for the job market.”

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Last modified: 2023-04-24