Now you can sign up for our Climate Change Day 20 May


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Now you can sign up for our Climate Change Day 20 May

The ongoing climate change is a complex societal challenge that requires interdisciplinary research. Here, both basic- and applied research in natural- and social sciences are needed to be able to understand ongoing processes, describe probable future scenarios and lay the foundation for measures required to deal with the effects of climate change.

During this day, you will learn about the research conducted at the faculty that highlights why basic scientific research is so important for understanding the physical conditions of climate change and its consequences for biodiversity. What are the scientific preconditions for making reliable forecasts for future climates, and what are the effects of climate change on different ecosystems? Strategies for sustainable development in society, and what climate leadership can look like, will also be discussed. Lectures and presentations will be given in English.

Last day to register is 6 May 2022.
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Read the program here on the web. 

For more information about the programme contact Anna Rosling and Ian Snowball.

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