Uppsala University a major partner of a geological energy storage mapping project in Denmark


The Geophysics Program at the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University will partner with the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and several other institutions such as University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University to employ its experience and state-of-the-art innovative seismic data acquisition concept for detailed and high-resolution mapping of the subsurface down to 3000 m depth via over 100 kms of seismic profiling.

Seismic data acquisition in Denmark, February 2022
Seismic data acquisition in Denmark, February 2022. Photo: Alireza Malehmir.

The project will help a better understanding of the subsurface geology in a large region in Denmark. Earlier this year, Uppsala University also took part in a smaller and pilot research project with the same team and the encouraging results led to this new but larger project. Several PhDs and post-docs will be employed at various organisations to be part of the data acquisition and eventual research components of the work, says Professor  Alireza Malehmir,  Professor in geophysics, who is coordinating the project from Uppsala University.

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Last modified: 2022-09-30