Film welcoming new students


We are making a short film to welcome those students unable to attend our campus this autumn.

This is what our students and doctoral students think

In the film students and doctoral students  tell us what they think about our department.
Here are three of the answers. 

"I am a PhD student in Geocentrum and my office is in a corridor with around 19 more people. Every single one of my colleagues, is from a different country. So when I walk by their office, when we talk about our countries, share our experiences or exchange some ideas, it feels like I am traveling in the whole world; simply by being part of this international community."

"For people who are used to huge kilometric campuses maybe Geocenter could seem small. But for me that’s what helps to create this friendly atmosphere, this sensation of community, and this environment of engagement in which you feel you can really make a difference."

“It might look as a regular building from outside, but for us that have been here for a year is our second home. Of course, it is also possible because it has all the facilities and equipment that a student could need."

Pictures from the recording. 

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Last modified: 2022-09-30