Gabriele Messori Winner of the Emerging Alumni Leader Award 2021


Imperial College London has selected Gabriele Messori to for the Emerging Alumni Leader Award 2021. 

Gabriele Messori
Gabriele Messori, Senior lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Earth Sciences, Program for Air, Water and Landscape Sciences; Meteorology.

The award recognises and celebrates rising research stars, innovators, game-changers and the next generation of leaders.

"When someone wins an award or is interviewed, everyone focuses on the individual. My research experience so far has taught me almost nothing that happens is the merit of a single person. My ideas are often developed thanks to the support and interaction I’ve had from my colleagues over many years.
I was surprised when I heard about this award. I feel my main strengths are in the world of science. The award is an important confirmation for me that working on how science interacts with other disciplines is an important thing to do." 
Gabriele Messori

Alumni eligible for this award:

  • Graduated from Imperial College London in the last 15 years.
  • Are emerging leaders in their field.
  • Have demonstrated determination and motivation whilst striving for excellence.
  • Can demonstrate the tangible impact of their work.
  • Are inspiring role models, mentors or champions for equality.
  • Are making a positive contribution to their community, or impact on society through their professional, voluntary or charitable activities.

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Last modified: 2022-09-30