Large Forte funding to Natural Resources and Sustainable Development


Sieglind Wallner Hahn
Sieglind Wallner Hahn, Postdoc at NRHU. 

Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NRHU) has received 4 980 000 SEK in funding from Forte. The project title is "Blue-green transformations of small-scale fisheries - Fishers' perspectives".Sieglind Wallner Hahn (post-doc at NRHU) and Emma Björkvik (also post-doc at NRHU) wrote the application together and are co-leading the project. Patrik Rönnbäck, Lina Mtwana-Nordlund and Wiebren Boonstra will be involved at 5% each.

Sieglind Wallner Hahn, Postdoc at NRHU. 

- The overall aim of this interdisciplinary project is to investigate if and how small-scale fisheries in the global north can transition in ways that fulfil their potential to contribute to social-ecological sustainability. We will empirically assess current and potential future transitions of Swedish small-scale fisheries, focusing on achieving the following 5 objectives:

1. to investigate how the future of Swedish small-scale fisheries is envisioned; 2. to identify and map available opportunities for blue-green transitions; 3. to construct a typology of how fishers realise transitions; 4. to analyse the social, economic and ecological implications of these realisations; and 5. to identify and review factors that have the potential to facilitate future transitions of small-scale fisheries

- We believe that this project will generate a deeper understanding of small-scale fishery transitions towards increased sustainability which are already taking place, as well as build a crucial knowledge-base for facilitating future ones.

For more information contact Sieglind Wallner Hahn or Emma Björkvik

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Last modified: 2022-09-30