Studentdelegation till klimatmötet i Bonn


Delar av studentdelegationen i Uppsala University Climate Change Plattform, på väg till mötet i Bonn. Foto: Börje Dahrén

Uppsala University sends a student delegation to the climate change conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change that will be held in Bonn, Germany in May 2017.

The students have engaged with many actors in and around Uppsala, academics and civil society, as a way to prepare themselves for assuming their observer status at the negotiations. The Uppsala University delegation represents a diverse group of students, spanning six different countries and diverse academic background: engineering, political science, environmental management, business economics and more. You can follow the delegation and receive updates on their activities at

The delegation is a part of Uppsala University’s ongoing involvement in the UN level climate negotiations, building on the Zennström Climate Change professorship ( and Uppsala University’s long tradition of student leadership and active student participation. "

​Uppsala University has been sending student-delegations to the climate change negotations since 2015, when Doreen Stabinsky, the first Zennström Professor in Climate Change Leadership, initiated a call for students to apply to join the official delegation of Uppsala University to COP 21 in Paris. The students attending the first meetings have now created a student-organisation, Uppsala University Climate Change Platform.

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