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Medel till "Systematic prediction of wind farm wakes"

Uppsala - Durham joint Seedcorn Fund har beviljat medel till projektet "Systematic prediction of wind farm wakes". 
Huvudansökande är Stefan Ivanell , professor i vindenergi och medsökande är  Dr Majid Bastankhah vid Durham University. 

Projektet har fått € 5380 första året och € 4380 andra året.
Projektet startar i augusti och pågår i två år. 


The goal of this project is to develop new tools to optimise power generation in offshore wind plants. Particular 
emphasis in this project will be placed on the impact of wind farms on their neighbouring counterparts. The significance 
of this problem becomes more apparent than ever given plans for installation of many new wind farms in limited 
offshore areas with favourable conditions such as those in the North Sea. Recent satellite images have revealed that 
wakes of wind farms can last for kilometres. Significant power degradation can thus occur for a wind farm that is subject 
to wakes of adjacent wind farms. This interaction is complicated by several factors including wind variability caused by 
mesoscale flow patterns, thermal stratification and Coriolis effect. Therefore, rigorous studies are essential for optimisation of wind energy projects in increasingly competitive offshore environments. Project activities that are 
planned to achieve this goal can be subdivided in two work packages (WP): 

WP1- To shed light on complex interaction of adjacent wind farms in different atmospheric conditions by conducting 
high-fidelity numerical simulations and experiments.  

WP2- To use detailed flow data generated in WP1 to develop and calibrate fast-running models that can predict and 
optimise collective performance of adjacent wind farms in real time. 

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