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Below you find some of our experts. Contact our communication officer for more tips or reach out to Uppsala University Press and Media Service.

Global warming

Anna Rutgersson

The world´s glaciers and climate change history

Veijo Pohjola

Droughts and floods in relation to environmental change

Giuliano Di Baldassarre

Natural resources and sustainable development

Patrik Rönnbäck
Magdalena Kuchler
Lina Mtwana Nordlund

Biodiversity and ecosystem services and their importance for Sustainable Development Goals

Malgorzata Blicharska
Lina Mtwana Nordlund (coastal and marine, seagrass, fisheries)

Water and drought

Giuliano Di Baldassarre
Johanna Mård

Climate Change Leadership

Mikael Karlsson


Valentin Troll
Steffi Burchardt


Björn Lund
Ari Tryggvasson

Fossil fuels

Hemin Koyi
Mikael Höök

Climate, climate change

Anna Rutgersson
Veijo Pohjola

Carbon dioxide, storage

Auli Niemi
Christopher Juhlin

Weather and meteorology

Anna Rutgersson
Erik Sahlée

The evolution of life

Graham Budd
Sebastian Willman

The Arctic, glaciers, ice

Veijo Pohjola
Rickard Pettersson

Mineral and rock

Karin Högdahl

Natural hazards

Giuliano Di Baldassarre
Johanna Mård

Wind Power

Stefan Ivanell

Global energy systems

Mikael Höök
Magdalena Kuchler
Henrik Wachtmeister

Information officer

Malin Eivergård

Last modified: 2023-09-05