Master's Programme in Geophysics

Suggested Curriculum for the Master's Programme in Geophysics

Year 1

Fall term 1

First half


Applied and Environmental Geophysics 10 ECTS (1GE017)

Time Series Analysis of Geophysical Data 5 ECTS (1GE049)

Second half


Global Geophysics 10 ECTS (1GE009)

Continuum Mechanics in Geophysics 5 ECTS (1GE048)

 Spring term 1

First half


Seismology - 10 ECTS (1GE058)

Physical Properties of Rocks 5ECTS (1GE053)

Second cycle


The Earth's Potential Fields 5ECTS (1GE035)

Inversion of Geophysical Data 10 ECTS (1GE016)

Year 2

Fall term 2

First half


Electromagnetic Geophysics 10 ECTS (1GE057)

Applications of Geodynamics 5 ECTS (1GE052)

Second half


Applied Earthquake Seismology 5 ECTS (1GE061)

Reflection Seismology 5 ECTS (1GE054)

Presentation and Publication 5 ECTS (1GV006)

Spring term 2

Degree Project E in Geophysics 30 ECTS (1GE029)

Project courses (can be substituted for other courses above):

Project Work in Geophysics

1GE030     5 ECTS

1GE032   10 ECTS

1GE034   15 ECTS

  • The master program comprises 120 ECTS (2 years).

  • The curriculum above may be individualized by substituting other courses. In total, 30 ECTS may be at the undergraduate level, and an additional 30 ECTS may be outside geophysics. For details, see the syllabus 

  • Since the first 2-3 terms consist entirely of course work, a project supervisor is usually not selected until the end of the first year.

Application for the Master's Programme

  • International students: apply via University Admissions Please follow the instructions very carefully, especially those regarding the documents that support your citizenship status.

  • Swedish students: Apply via

  • Application deadline: January 15 for international students. April 15 for Swedish students.

  • Requirements: Bachelor degree, including at least 75 ECTS in physics.If you are uncertain whether your courses qualify as part of the physics requirement, please contact the director of studies, Thomas Kalscheuer.

  • Tuition fees: See the University Admissions and programme webpages for details.

Last modified: 2022-08-05