Mineral Exploration

A person with measuring equipment. Photo.The Geophysics program leads or is involved in several national and international research projects dealing with the large scale understanding of structures hosting mineral systems also delineating them at great depth. Example activities involve 3D geophysical modeling using potential field and magnetotelluric data, 2D and 3D reflection seismic surveys for deep exploration and mine planning projects, downhole geophysical and physical property measurements, as well as numerical modeling studies for a better understanding of the geophysical response(s) of various mineral deposits. We often acquire our own data, process or model them and interpret them in collaboration with on-site geologists or geologists familiar with the study area. Our students have been participating in data acquisition campaigns in, for example, countries such as Finland, Norway, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Zambia. More research activities are planned. Contact us if you have ideas in this field or wish to collaborate or work with us.

Contact: Alireza Malehmir