The hydrology discipline comprises studies of physical and chemical processes in the hydrosphere.

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The disciplinary research at Uppsala University is focused on exchange processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system, runoff and groundwater formation, and water transport both in the saturated and unsaturated zones, modelling of hydrological processes, and use of basic hydrological process knowledge to improve water-resources and environmental management both in Sweden and internationally. 

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A person by a forest stream with measuring equipment in it. Photo.

Uppsala University has one of the most comprehensive academic departments of Earth Sciences in Europe, according to international assessments. Its unique width in education and research, and its extensive global fieldwork, contribute to our knowledge about the properties, systems and development of planet Earth.
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Researcher profile: Giuliano Di Baldassarre

Giuliano Di Baldassarre. Portrait.

My research focuses on studies of hydrological processes. The earliest known civilisations, such as those that emerged on the fertile river plains along the Nile and the Indus, depended on access to water resources. These are crucial for people’s livelihoods and for creating conditions that favour socioeconomic development. My aim is to understand the dynamic relationship between water and humankind, by studying how communities impact on the hydrological regime while, at the same time, hydrological changes shape communities.

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