Geohydrology Research Group

The scientific basis of the geohydrology group is the study of subsurface flow, transport and related processes, such as heterogeneity effects and related uncertainty, multiphase and coupled transport and aqueous geochemistry. Our applications range from energy research to contaminant transport and remediation. We work in the field, in the laboratory and by modelling. 

A major present application is geological stor­age of CO2, where we are working in several EU funded projects as well as in projects in Sweden and the Baltic region. A specific highly instrumented CO2 injection site for scientifically motivated field experiments has been established by us for these investigations (see infrastructures). Other important research areas are flow in fractured rock, presently with particular focus on the deep hydrological systems through the Swedish deep drilling project and contaminant transport and related remediation processes, where we especially work with Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids, nano-particle research and nitrogen transport in mining environments and.  A recent new research area is environmental impacts of shale-gas fracking.