Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide

Geological carbon storage (GCS) refers to depositing the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from large point sources, such as fossil fuel-based power plants and industrial sources, in deep geological formations.

Our work in this field has involved several EU R&D projects, where we have participated, at leadership level. The large scale integrating MUSTANG project was led by our research group (Prof. Auli Niemi) and was aimed to develop new methods and understanding for characterizing deep saline formations for geological storage of CO2. Subsequent projects include the TRUST project, aiming at conducting field scale CO2 injection experiments, the PANACEA project, aiming to understand the long-term fate of geologically stored COand the CO2QUEST project,  investigating the effects of impurity gases in CO2 stream to the performance of the geological storage.

Our overall research objective has been to gain an improved understanding and to develop methods for predicting CO2 spreading and trapping in geological formations. These questions are addressed in various ways, including development of models and methods for CO2 spreading prediction and monitoring, the study of various field sites, laboratory experiments and most notably through a highly instrumented deep CO2 injection experiments  at Heletz ( see Heletz CO2 Injection Experiment (Part 1) and Heletz CO2 Injection Experiment (Part 2) being carried out at a depth of 1600m, where supercritical CO2 is injected into the reservoir and its spreading and trapping observed by various methods in order to get an understanding of the key in-situ trapping mechanism. Some key findings of the Heletz investigations are collected in two Special issues of International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, based on the results of the site characterization work; see this article in Science Direct and the CO2 injection experiments, with special focus on CO2 residual trapping.

Here you can find our key publications.


Pictures (from top to bottom): (i) Testing the CO2 injection system, (ii) tracer experiment in progress to characterize CO2 movement in the deep reservoir, (iii) gas sampling in reservoir conditions (U-tube sampling panel) 

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