Geological Storage of Carbon dioxide

Geological carbon storage (GCS) refers to the depositing of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from large point sources, such as fossil fuel based power plants and industrial sources, in deep geological formations.

The large-scale integrating EU FP7 project MUSTANG lead by our research group (Prof. Auli Niemi) is aimed to develop new methods and understanding for characterizing deep saline formations for geological storage of CO2. Our research objective, both in the MUSTANG project at large and in the research group is to gain an improved understanding and methods for predicting CO2 spreading and trapping in geological storage formations. Our reseach questions are addressed in various ways, including development of models and methods for CO2 spreading prediction and monitoring, the study of a number of test sites (showed below), extensive laboratory experiments and most notably through a highly instrumented deep CO2 injection experiment (Heletz) being carried out at a depth of 1600m, where supercritical CO2 will be injected into the reservoir and its spreading and trapping will be observed by various methods in order to get an understanding of the key in-situ trapping mechanism.

Beyond the Mustang, our research group is also extensively involved in TRUST project, aiming at conducting CO2 injection experiments at scales large enough so that the output can be extrapolated at industrial scales, the PANACEA project, aiming to understand the long-term fate of geologically stored COand the CO2QUEST project,  investigating the effects of impurity gases in CO2 stream to the performance of the geological storage.External webpage can be accessed through clicking on the project logo below.

An important component in this work is the scientifically motivated CO2 injection site at Heletz, Israel (link to the special issue), instrumented for sophisticated monitoring of the CO2 injection experiments performed. The objective of these experiments is to evaluate, quantify and monitor the key CO2 trapping mechanisms (structural, residual and dissolution trapping) in-situ.       

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