Disputerade inom geohydrologi sedan 2004

Klas Hansson: Water and Heat Transport in Road Structures – Development of Mechanistic Models (PhD, 2004)

Niklas Bockgård: Groundwater Recharge in Crystalline Bedrock – Processes, Estimation and Modeling (PhD, 2004)

Johan Öhman: Upscaling Flow, Transport and Stress Effects in Fractured Rocks (PhD, 2005)

Fritjof Fagerlund: Experimental and Modelling Studies on the Spreading of Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids in Heterogeneous Media (PhD, 2007) 

Zhibing Yang: Multiphase Contamination in Rock Fractures - Fluid Displacement and Interphase Mass Transfer (PhD, 2012)

Martin Larsson: Heterogeneity-Induced Channeling, Flow-Wetted Surface, and Modelling of Transport in Fractured Rock (PhD, 2012) 

Liang Tian: CO2 storage in deep saline aquifers
Models for geological heterogeneity and large domains
 (PhD, 2016)

Farzad Basirat: Process Models for CO2 Migration and Leakage – Gas Transport, Pore-Scale Displacement and Effects of Impurities (PhD, 2017)

Kristina Rasmusson: Modeling of geohydrological processes in geological CO2 storage – with focus on residual trapping  (PhD, 2017)

Maria Rasmusson: Residual and Solubility trapping during Geological CO2 storage
Numerical and Experimental studies
 (PhD, 2018)

Albin Nordström: Biogeochemical Processes in Denitrifying Woodchip Bioreactors and their Application in the Mining Industry (PhD, 2019)

Saba Joodaki: Residual Trapping in Geological Storage of CO2: Determination from Field Experiments and Data Analysis Using Numerical Modeling (PhD 2021) 

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