The meteorology discipline comprises studies of physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere. The research at Uppsala University is primarily focused on processes in the atmospheric boundary layer and the free troposphere – roughly spanning the lowest 10 kilometres of our atmosphere. 

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Meteorology is a discipline within the Air, water and Landscape Science (Luval) programme. Our research spans both the boundary layer – namely the lowest few hundred meters or, at most first few kilometres, of the atmosphere – and the free troposphere – sitting above the boundary layer and reaching up to a height of around 10 kilometres.

The boundary-layer research includes basic understanding of physical and chemical processes over land and water (air-sea and air-lake interactions), the importance of surface gravity waves on the atmosphere and ocean as well as more applied projects focusing on wind energy, noise propagation and air pollution.

The research on the free troposphere spans the drivers, predictability and impacts of extreme climate events. The focus is on the mid and high latitudes and on events such as temperature and precipitation extremes and windstorms.

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Uppsala University has one of the most comprehensive academic departments of Earth Sciences in Europe, according to international assessments. Its unique width in education and research, and its extensive global fieldwork, contribute to our knowledge about the properties, systems and development of planet Earth.
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