Wind resource mapping of Sweden - version 2007

The wind resource mapping shown here is the final version within the project ’Mapping of the wind potential in Sweden’ (Swedish Energy Agency project nr 20484-1). The average winds are estimated using results from the higher-order closure 'MIUU-model' run with 1 km horizontal resolution. Maps may be downloaded showing the annual average wind speed at 49 m, 72 m and 103 m above the zero-plane displacement. This is commonly estimated to be about 3/4 of the height of the vegetation, that is having a 20 m high forest, 15 m should be added to get height above ground. For the case with a 20 m high forest we get that the results at for example the height 72 m is valid at 72+15=87 m above ground. The maps showing annual average wind speed are available for 27 areas covering the whole of Sweden.

Report Wind maps over 27 areas: Click at a link below to show maps over an area at the chosen height:

Links below points to zipped text files containing the wind resource data at every km2 in tabular förm.

The four columns give: column data
1 RT90 coordinate y (west-east in m)
2 RT90 coordinare x (south-north in m)
3 Height above sea level (m)
4 Annual average wind speed (m/s)

NaNs (Not-a-Number) are given where the 1 km data does not cover the whole offshore economical zone of Sweden.

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Last modified: 2022-06-21